We are developing core microwave technology and its applications for advanced wireless communication in the next generation. Keywords for performing our research are pursuing"ultra-high efficiency", "supper linear", and "ultra wide band". Also as future microwave functional devices, high sensitivity quantum wire photo detectors based on the compound semiconductor nano technology are being investigated.
Recent our results are (1) Proposition and experimental verification of new circuit synthesis methods for microwave class-F amplifiers considering more than 4th order harmonic frequencies both in the distributed form and the lumped element form, (2) Analysis and improvement of adjacent channel leakage power ratio for W-CDMA InGaP/GaAs HBT power amplifier, (3) Proposition and experimental verification of differential mode ultra broadband band-pass filters for UWB using broadside coupling, (4) Realization of miniature planar self-complementary antenna on resin circuit board for UWB, (5) Realization of ultra-wide band InGaAs/GaAs HBT MMIC amplifier with active balun for UWB system, (6) Proposition of variable inductor structure and a new Q-factor definition, (7) Proposition of unified circuit modeling method as a total wiring design solution for LSI chip, package and board.